Saturday, July 12, 2008

Birthday Boy

Watch out, World: Abe is turning 16 this weekend.

This means 2 things:
1) There is a new terror on the roads.
beep beep

2) He has been around for exactly 1/2 my life! (I am turning 32 this weekend.)

gunnar doesn't believe me when I say this is what Abe looked like 16 years ago. He also thinks I'll be carrying Abe around in a ziplock baggie in a couple of years.

I guess he has aged a bit, but I think he looks pretty good, considering he has:

  • been run over by 2 cars (both driven by my dad), (lost an eye, the second time)
  • been thoroughly saturated with water at least 3 times
  • almost caught on fire twice (head was smoking)
  • had multiple surgeries (thanks, Mom)
  • been to Australia, Scotland, Canada, and Germany
    • went to Germany by himself for 24 hours (first and last time he's been in checked luggage)
  • been to 38 states + Wash. D.C.
  • been stepped on, sat on, squashed, pummeled, teased and taunted more times than he cares to remember
Anyhow, he's been good company these past 16 years. I know that's weird, but a) frankly I don't care, and b) the world would be a better place if we all had a friend like Abe.


Joey and Mandi said...

Happy birthday to Abe and Betsy! We won't be at the race this weekend so I wanted to say Happy Birthday to you both now! We are taking a little time off racing so we will be more eager to race again. Life has been crazy lately. I will miss you guys. Have fun!

Fat-Boy said...

Well i have to question your parenting skills! Abe been through hell it sounds like!!