Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Love Sticks, Love Holes

Jackie sure does!
Unceasingly in fact.
Always and forever.

These are the sticks that she has brought back from our walks, mostly over at the UHS Short Track and Training Course.
There is a poor Scarecrow underneath there somewhere.
There is also a toothbrush, some lacrosse balls, a baseball, a few pine cones, some chestnuts, a surveyors stake, and a few things weren't not sure of-

And I just found this gem this morning.
Hard to tell how deep it is, but it is, and it's a very nice and cleanly dug hole. She's perfecting her trade-

And here's some of the minefield that used to be our back yard.
It's very dangerous to hang laundry now, but it's worth it to have Jackie be so happy-
Well gosh darn it, can't find what I was looking for. Gotta go, be back in a few...

Well, regardless, some of the others aren't as amused at this, including my mother and these poor guys-

And yes, Willy has on ear protection. Poor little guy.

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